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Water Purification Using Chemicals

In times of emergency or natural disaster, clean water sources often become scarce.  However, it is possible to retrieve water from lakes, streams, ponds, and various other sources.  In circumstances where you have to draw from one of these sources, you will need to know various water purification methods.  This article will go over the chemical methods for treating contaminated water.

There are two types of chemical treatment: those using iodine and those using chlorine. If you purchase products specifically designed for this method, pay special attention to the directions and the expiration date.  Many of the tablets have an expiration date and become ineffective after that point. Also, once the bottle has been opened, the tablets must be used within a certain period.

General Chemical Treatment Procedures

  • The effectiveness of all chemical treatment of water is related to the temperature, pH level, and clarity of the water. Cloudy water often requires higher concentrations of chemical to disinfect.
  • If the water is cloudy or filled with large particles, strain it, using a cloth, before treatment. Large particles, if swallowed, may be purified only "on the outside."
  • Add the chemical to the water and swish it around to aid in dissolving.
  • The water should sit for at least 30 minutes after adding the chemical to allow purification to occur. If using tablets let the water sit for 30 minutes after the tablet has dissolved.
  • The colder the water, the less effective the chemical is as a purifying agent. Research has shown that at 50° F (10° C), only 90 percent of Giardia cysts were inactivated after 30 minutes of exposure. If the water temperature is below 40° F (4° C), double the treatment time before drinking. It is best if water is at least 60° F (16° C) before treating. You can place the water in the sun to warm it before treating.

To improve the taste of chemically treated water, try pouring it back and forth between containers, after it has been adequately treated. This allows more oxygen to get into the water, thus improving taste. 

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